Trumpets and Feasts 3

The third edition of this worldwide event will be held on November 26 to address current events, and God’s project for mankind. Learn more!

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Maranatha Christian Church (MCC) will hold the Trumpets and Feasts 3 on November 26, 2023. This service’s goal is to address current events, and God’s project for mankind on Earth. “Trumpets and Feasts” is a warning to the world to be prepared for the rapture, which will end God’s project of salvation for men.

The first Trumpets and Feasts was on November 24, 2019 from the Espirito Santo state Maahanaim, in Brazil, with live broadcast to all churches there and abroad, via the Internet, TV stations, and satellite. The message was translated from Portuguese into ten different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, and Brazilian Sign Language.

God’s project for mankind is the focus of the message. Historically, Israel was the first target of this blessing. But in Jesus’ ministry, and after His death on the cross, this project was expanded to save all creature.

Israel didn’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah and is still waiting for the fulfillment of prophecies. After the Rapture, which will conclude the Project of Salvation for the world, the Lord will turn to Israel to continue what was “suspended” during this time.

The signs that precede the Lord Jesus’ return (Trumpets) announce a judgment to three groups: Israel, who is still waiting for the fulfillment of prophecies; the Church, who will leave; and the world, who will stay.

Many lives were reached by this message. We expect that even more people open their hearts to the Lord Jesus during this evangelistic meeting. The day of the rapture is drawing near, and the Holy Spirit is being poured upon the Earth!

Maranatha! The Lord Jesus is coming!


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November 26, 2023
9.00 AM EST
Live from Brasil
Let's participate, there will be translation from Portuguese to 8 different languages; more information here:
Live from Brasil